31st March | Colston Hall

Given how Grandaddy sound, it is all that more bizarre that they have become synonymous with zombies. But most people you speak to will say “were they in 28 days later?” which is where you’ll hear ‘A.M.180’ from 1992 debut album Under The Western Highway. That decade saw them successfully bloom in Europe with the second album gathering an even greater deal of admiration.

If a lead vocal could resemble crushed velvet then this one certainly does. In a way they’re a petit Mercury Rev drenched in the same glittery synths, fuzzy guitars and shoegaze/indie dreaminess but with a much more perky spring in their step. Since the reunion in 2012, after a 6 year split, the prospect of a new album has been perpetually dangled and on 3rd March 2017 the release of Last Place brought an end to the wait. The tour sees them dart around the length of Britain with them finishing up in Belgium at the start of April.

Check out the video for ‘Way We Won’t’ below.