We invite friends to shout about what they’re into. This month: Roll for the Soul

Trust Fund – RftS’ Final gig – 22nd December

There’s a lovely symmetry to Trust Fund being the last band that will ever play at RftS. They played the first show we did, in December 2013, when we accidentally became a DIY venue. They also did two nights in a row for their first album launch, which feels like the high point of the golden age when we had no neighbours and could be as noisy as we liked, as often as we liked.

Ellis is a bit of a hero to me. He writes perfect pop songs that always have something weird or unsettling about them. He’s also a thoroughly nice person (which sounds dull, but is meant as the highest compliment) who’s been hugely supportive of RftS. I’ll probably well up a bit during their set on the 22nd. A shout out also to Speed Skater, who are sharing the bill and whose Olympic Gold is one of my records of 2017.

Spunking Octochoke – 15th December

There was a time when it felt like pop punk was our thing, if we had a thing. And much as I believe that pop punk is humankind’s greatest achievement (see: Martha), these days I reckon this sort of angular queerness might be our thing. And I’m quite happy about that. It’s been a privilege to provide a space for the wilfully non-commercial in the city centre.

The Spunking Octochoke album launch is on 15th December, with the record being released by our dear friends at Liquid Library. Like Trust Fund, they embody all that’s great about DIY.

Closing Party – 16th December

Actually on our penultimate weekend, there are no bands, but we’ll all be taking to the decks from 5pm-11pm as we soundtrack our attempt to get rid of the remaining booze stocks. Expect drone, dub, indie-pop, jungle, pop punk (obviously), techno and possibly a whole Propagandhi album. We’ll also be raffling off as much of our old tat as we can, so come prepared to return home with a small piece of history (I’m not trying to big us up here. Literally everything is a small piece of history).

RftS has been a fixture for lovers of DIY music, cycling and coffee since 2013.