July’s guest picks with Al Studer, Stolen Body Records & Bristol Psych Fest.

Night Beats

SWX Stage

Night Beats are our headliners for this year and are obviously ones to watch. A Texas band who moved to Seattle, their first record was released on Austin label, Psych Fears (now doing Levitation Fest). I’ve wanted them ever since we started the festival, so this is a pretty big deal for me. Five years in the making… They haven’t been to Bristol or the UK for a while either, so it’ll be great having them back for some amazing psych, with heavy tinges of rhythm and blues.

Three albums down, they signed to Heavenly about a year ago and released maybe their best work to date – Who Sold My Generation – which they’ve toured extensively the world over. Clearly at the peak of their already formidable career, these guys are not to be missed.


The Lanes Stage

I’ve been a fan of Nebula since I was about fifteen (but that’s not why I booked them). They are one of the best stoner rock bands around and they’ve just started playing again. There are many more people than just me that want to see this happen. Not only that but we get to reunite The Heads and Nebula again! On top of that, we have Anthroprophh playing too. Their new record out on Rocket Records has got to be Bristol’s best record this year.

Fumaca Preta

SWX Stage

Fumaca Preta is my top pick for this year. I don’t know how many people out there know them, but if you had to take a gamble on one new band at Psych Fest V, this would have to be the one. South American psych, hip-hop, hard rock – it’s original and breathtaking, exactly what we need more of in life. That said, there’s so much original stuff this year, so go watch something new whatever you do.

Bristol Psych Fest takes place across three venues, SWX, Rough Trade and The Lanes on 7th July.