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Bossy Love

Bossy Love

Like the gleaming, radiant jewel in Scotland’s otherwise often morose crown, Glasgow-based duo Bossy Love have followed wondrous live shows with a string of magnificent singles to become probably the most talked-about band north of the border. Front-woman Amandah Wilkinson made her name with Noughties indie-pop darlings Operator Please, while John Bailie Jnr threw himself around the math-rock ring with Dananananaykroyd; together they make the kind of warped, inventive, progressive pop music that’s as wild, joyous and magnetic as anything you’ve heard this side of Queen Bey.

Starting to make wider waves, latest track ‘Want Some’ was picked up by large US publications, while the band also finished second in this year’s Glastonbury Emerging Talent contest. Refreshingly, however, hype is of little consequence to the band. Having already been-there-and-done-that in previous incarnations, they’re more than happy to play the slow and steady game; all while having as much fun as is humanly possible.


The Hotelier-edit1The Hotelier

Otherwise known as the best rock and roll band in the world right now™, The Hotelier return this May both with a storming new album and a jaunt around the UK with fellow impassioned guitar-slingers Into It. Over It. A somewhat surprise breakthrough record, ‘Home, Like No Place Is There’ was a majestic blast of noisy nostalgia and it thrust the Massachusetts quartet to the forefront of the that whole weighty pop-punk scene, however new record ‘Goodness’ is the phoenix from the flames, so to speak; a brighter and more immediate beast that has been billed as a record about “natural, unnatural and supernatural love”.


mal-webMal Devisa – Kiid

The best thing about running a new music blog is stumbling across those little records in the cracks of places far, far away from here. Mal Devisa’s ‘Kiid’ LP is one such artefact; a stupendously wonderful record that would never have found these ears if it weren’t for the internet age. So let’s celebrate that, for all its associated downfalls. A renowned vocalist in her Massachusetts scene for a handful of years, ‘Kiid’ is the first collection of recordings to appear online and it’s a staggering showcase; flipping between antiquated soul songs and hip-hop leaning freak-outs. It’s the ballads where her voice really hits home, however; the kind of breath-taking display that doesn’t even seem real. Just go and listen. Go on. Now. Ok thanks bye.

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