13th June | Fleece

The wonderful brass/jazz kaleidoscope that is the Hackney Colliery Band have embarked on a lengthy summer tour, coinciding with their new album, Collaborations Volume One – which is released on 7th June.

Their reputation precedes them, and they have been previously anointed “one of the greatest live bands in the country” by Radio 2. They are collective as comfortable at a festival, awards ceremony (of which they’ve graced a few) or a dingy cellar bar. The familiarity of one of their many wonderful jazz-infused covers awakens a little something in everyone, and this charisma is a marker of their successful longevity.

Hackney Colliery Band have now entered their tenth year. Having formed in London, they are eponymously named as an ode to the East End Borough. They’ve put out some incredible covers, creations and collaborations to date, but these pale in comparison to their live shows and now, a decade in, band leader, Steve Pretty has declared it the “right time to get back to our Jazz roots.” So, it will be exciting to see how much of an influence this has on their setlist, given that their expertly-spun covers are such a draw.

Awash with talent and passion, it’s odds-on that Hackney Colliery Band will only make you feel good.

See Hackney Colliery Band play ‘Netsanet’ live here: