27th September | Crofters Rights

There’s a spectral grace and beauty that permeates Lavender, Half Waif’s third album, released in April this year. The solo project of Nandi Rose Plunkett, Half Waif’s sound encompasses a distinctly pensive air, both lyrically and compositionally, as she shares personal, intimate musings and evokes a potent, emotive vulnerability.

A myriad of lingering synths, brooding beats and glistening melodies swirl throughout Lavender as Plunkett explores, with an earnest poise, the transience and varying fluctuations of which our lives comprise. There’s a perfect harmony between Plunkett’s vocal and instrumental arrangements, presenting a sublime melodic fusion of detailed sonic textures. The contemplative melancholy of ‘Back in Brooklyn’ offers a breath-taking fragility and delicacy, whilst ‘Lilac House’ presents urgent, resonant electronica and rhythms that crescendo with Plunkett’s rich, velvety intonations. Possessing and sharing such a supreme emotive potency within each carefully-crafted moment of her music, the opportunity to witness this live is not one you’ll want to miss as Half Waif graces The Crofters Rights on Wednesday night with her tender, atmospheric synth-pop magic.

See the video for ‘Ocean Scope’ here: