27th October | Louisiana

Harvey Causon is a name you had better familiarise yourself with. Big things are happening and you don’t want to miss out on this wave of R&B-drenched electronica. Grab a one-way ticket. His headline – and sold-out – show at The Louisiana was spellbinding, cementing him as one of the city’s finest acts. The venue was already bustling inside, long before support act, Jevon Ives hit the stage.

When not performing with the Cosmic Soul Collective, Bristol’s ethereal sound visionists, Jevon is pursuing a glittering solo career. His music is of a similar ilk to Harvey’s; just throw in some hip-hop influences, rumbling beats and echoed landscapes and you’ve got a transfixing sound which will have you in a daze for days.

The excitement in the room was tangible. Bodies were packed shoulder-to-shoulder, all aiming to get the best view of Harvey. He walked casually through the crowd and entered the stage with collaborator Gabriel Gifford and drummer Ben Toon. A roar of applause came from the crowd as the intro to ‘Frisson’ chimed up, with several people chanting the lyrics.

Harvey’s velvety vocals and enchanting synth riffs made a mean concoction. The lead riff was unavoidably infectious, again with several chanting it as though it was their national anthem. You know you’ve made it when people even start bellowing the lead riff to your song, like they do with Take On Me by A-Ha.

Harvey surveyed the crowd: “Does anyone like Gabe’s new haircut?” His down-to-earth mannerisms and charming stage presence were hugely likeable. He seems like the kind of person who’d buy you the first round at the pub (if you’re reading this Harvey, mine’s a pint of Stella, please). We were then treated with some new material, filled with choppy synth sounds and turbulent twists. There were plenty of manic breakdowns and mighty key sections, so it was exhausting to keep up with. It had a slight neo-soul tinge to it, which we can only hope Harvey explores further.

Harvey switched to playing guitar: “I feel so happy, this is amazing,” he announced, totally humbled by selling out The Louisiana. ‘Dose’ then followed, an immense tune with beefy bass lines and metallic shimmers of guitar riffs, all ending with an intense shredding session. Harvey passionately delivered each word he uttered, and he had us all enraptured.

The song ended with Ben enquiring, “is now a good time for rum?” before cracking open a fresh bottle of Captain Morgan’s and handing it to the front row. How generous and how very rock and roll. A cascade of tunes then followed the rum distribution, ‘Branches’ saw Harvey head into the crowd, everyone circling him like moths to a flame, ending with a transfixing mantra. ‘Worn You’ had the crowd chanting along to this soulful James Blake-like tune.

“This is our last tune.” The crowd all booed in unison. “Or is it?” Harvey teased. We all know the drill, of course he was going to give us one more song, ending the night with ‘London Stock’, a tune which is due for release on 15th November via New Fugue. It’s an epic tune which showcases Harvey’s tender songwriting – quick-tempoed drum beat with flourishes of dazzling synths.

Harvey’s show at The Louisiana cemented him as one of Bristol’s heavyweights and a force to be reckoned with. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for his latest release, due out next month!