30th August | Rough Trade

Get out your leather jackets – eccentric, Liverpudlian spectral-wave pop duo, Her’s are coming to Rough Trade.

Stop right there with your preconceptions: they’re not just another duo making a crack at oddball pop. These two have something unique. With Ariel Pink vibes and jazzy shirts, they’re peculiar-pop personified.

Stephen Fitzpatrick, with his floppy bowl cut and Audun Laading, with his flamboyant flat peaks, first got together at the the iconic Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts, and put out their first full-length aptly-named album, Songs of Her’s, last year. Not technically a debut album though, more a “collection of songs”. Now, set to release the official Invitation to Her’s on 24th August, they’re taking their delectable guitar melodies and intricate storytelling out on the open road.

The album announcement comes alongside the release of new track, ‘Low Beam’, an attack on outdated ideas of masculinity, and several new-fan-firming festival jaunts during this most pleasant summer.

These two are guaranteed to put on a colourful show with sardonic humour throughout. Here’s to originality and the simplicity of two uninhibited mates having a great time making music.

See the lyric video for ‘Low Beam’ here: