30th August | Rough Trade

Cover Photo: Alesha Hickmans

On 30th August, Liverpudlian spectral-wave pop duo, Her’s took to the intimate Rough Trade venue to showcase their 2018 debut album, Invitation to Her’s.

Cumbrian, Stephen Fitzpatrick takes care of vocals and guitar, while Norwegian Audun Laading mans bass duties, backing vocals and some serious side swaying. “So how are they Liverpudlian?” you may ask. Having met at Liverpool’s Institute of Performing Arts, they have made that historic musical city their base. Tonight, a seven-foot-high cardboard cut-out of Pierce Brosnan, stuck to the curtain behind, forms the third member of their eclectic group. You can instantly feel the warmth that the room has for these two. Or is it just the absence of air-con?

As the duo progress through tunes old and new, Fitzpatrick delivers a faultless vocal performance, engaging the crowd with a cheeky grin and interspersing the songs with quips. Laading’s relentless energy and rhythm is not just a treat to watch, but also extremely infectious! Last year’s collection of early releases, Songs of Her’s, introduced their soft, strange world, and their ‘proper’ debut album, Invitation to Her’s, that has recently followed, is a testament to the duo’s ability to deliver tune after catchy tune.

“You guys are very fluent and in touch with yourself… we’re very impressed,” Fitzpatrick jests, to the energetically-swaying crowd, as they delight with new tracks including ‘Love on the Line’ and ‘Low Beam’. Then we take it down a notch. The crowd shuffles forward and this already intimate venue starts to feel a sense of spectral-wave togetherness from their rendition of ‘Cool with You’.

Thereafter, Laading recommends a side-step into the ever-popular ‘Marcel’, which receives a great reaction of approval from the crowd. It’s hard to tell what we’re loving more at this point – Audun’s moves, or the utterly brilliant simplicity of this entire performance? It’s good to see that they are enjoying it as much as we are. “Our job is sick,” they enthuse, to a cheer from the crowd, as they lead into their final few songs, including the crowd-pleasing combination of ‘What Once Was’ and ‘Harvey’ before they wrap it up (post-encore of course).

These two are kindred spirits who draw you in with their friendly, endearing humour, delicate guitar notes and monstrous basslines, matched with quirky vocals and charm – one of the most down-to-earth, yet extraordinary pop duos you could see take a stage. Their affection for one another and what they do is uplifting, and we leave feeling more in love with life than before.