31st January | Exchange

Ah, how to describe the music of Her’s? Tropical-indie? Retro-pop? Their unique, and frankly quite complex sound, is categorised as ‘dream pop/jangle pop’ on the band’s Facebook, but that’s about as close as anyone can get to fully defining their style of music.

Whatever their genre, Norwegian Audun Laading and Cumbrian Stephen Fitzpatrick have created a sound of pure, blissful nostalgia, harking back to the Kate Bush/Morrissey era. The Liverpool-based duo introduced the world to their sound in 2017 with the debut album, Songs for Her’s. It’s an album made up of sleepy romantic lyrics, obscure cult classic references and a 26-second song which sounds like something from a 90s cop film.

But their latest album, Invitation to Her’s, released in 2018, has taken a slightly different turn. There’s still that notable Tame Impala etherealness about it, but now it’s mixed with a tropical funk vibe which has taken the album to the next level. It’s slightly faster and slightly funkier compared to their previous work, making it feel like you’re dancing through some weirdly beautiful dream, complete with a coconut cocktail and a glorious tan.

After performing at Green Man, having had their music used by Urban Outfitters, and with over a million hits on Spotify, Her’s tour of the UK and USA is set to show their soft, whimsical sound to a worldwide audience. However wintry January and February may turn out, it looks like that Hawaiian shirt might be needed sooner than you thought.

See Her’s live in session here: