Heyrocco ‘Teenage Movie Soundtrack’ | Album Review


Whether it’s the premature-ejeculatory confessions of ‘Melt’ or the angst of ‘Loser Denial’ — ‘Why haven’t I found my place yet? I am never 100%’ — the formative leanings of everything Heyrocco touch couldn’t have been summarised better than with a debut entitled ‘Teenage Movie Soundtrack’. Something that, on paper, could seem trite and painful, the virginity-lamenting, breakup-celebrating wordplay of Nathan Merli (above grunged-out guitars) sits you firmly in the bleachers, corn dog in hand.

If you can buy into their world, this slew of perfectly-crafted, hormonal bangers carries Heyrocco from charming blog-band to timeless teen icons, the kind that make you feel nostalgic about a place you’ve never actually been.

Check out ‘Loser Denial’ right here: