29th March | SWX

If you are not familiar with the record label High Focus, then chances are you are not particularly familiar with UK hip-hop (excluding grime) at all. High Focus are to UK hip-hop what an oven is to dough, and they have provided the necessary platform to allow a vast wealth of incredible home-grown talent from all over the country to expand and flourish over the last eight years.

In celebration of this achievement, as any self-respecting organisation should, they’re throwing a proper birthday knees-up. And no, not like your nan’s ‘pub crawl’ in Frome for her 80th. In fact, they are throwing two parties, one in Brixton and one, appropriately, in Bristol, and the line-up for Bristol’s party will have UK hip-hop heads chomping at the bit.

Headlining are four blokes who have become the collective custodians of the underground scene, Verb T, BVA, Fliptrix and Leaf Dog, aka The Four Owls, whose debut LP, Nature’s Greatest Mystery set the boundary-pushing bar for the label.

Dirty Dike, whose lacerating bars might upset your more sensitive friends, if they miss the tongue embedded in his cheek, is sure to get the crowd shouting out his Ten Dike Commandments during his set: “Number nine shoulda been my consumption of piss, but every time you see a copper shout ‘fuck the police.'”

Other exciting prospects on the bill include the label’s resident silver-tongued gentlemen, Ed Scissor, and Bristol’s very own hip-hop heroes, Datkid and Res of Split Prophets. Datkid’s recent album, Teeth Ledger, is a visceral, bludgeoning club of an LP that will definitely arrest and then strangle people’s attention come Thursday night.

So, do come to SWX on Thursday night (tickets on last tier) and let’s celebrate what needs

You can see the video for Datkid’s ‘Don’t Look at Me’ here: