18th April | Fleece

Hinds head to Thekla for a big show with London up-and-comers Horsey (a project of Jacob Read of Jerkcurb) and fellow Madrid friends, Baywaves, making what will be a tantalisingly fun show to let loose to. The group’s live show is raw, harmonious and all-inclusive.

What’s so pleasant to capture from the Madrid group and their music is how they seem so simply down-to-earth. They all possess a natural sense of humour, combining sheer honesty with self-deprecation. When woven into their rattling rock n roll, it makes something vibrant and sincere. It isn’t all roses and laughs from the group, though. Their new record, I Don’t Run, is a brazen and uncomplicated journal of broken relationships and letting out all the emotion of such experiences for your own survival.

“I wanna show you the value that you can’t help losing,” from ‘The Club,’ suitably encapsulates Hinds’ belief in enlightening everyone through their own mistakes in an unashamed and mature way. The song immerses itself in the dark, seedy nature of late-night Madrid. It’s powerful in its candidness, and if their recent shows at SXSW are any evidence of what to expect, it’s something you’ll walk out feeling liberated by.

See the video for ‘New For You’ here: