18th April | Fleece

“Thank you for coming. We are Hinds, and we come from a place called Madrid, in our beautiful country called Spain!” Carlotta Cosials exclaims to a packed-out audience at The Fleece on a day that has brought delightful sunshine to the city of Bristol. “Every time we’ve been to Bristol, it has been sunny. I think that says something,” Cosials explains with such a massive smile that you can’t help but feel it’s thanks to them that it’s been such a glorious day. Their easy charisma and inclusiveness shine during their set, providing a tireless positivity throughout.

Fellow Madrid contemporaries and friends of the group, Baywaves, open the night to an already warm and welcoming audience, who enjoy the band’s sultry and enigmatic psych-pop. On record, the band really sharpen their pop sensibilities. Here they have the freedom to explore their psychedelic penchants a little more, and it pays dividends.

‘Time Is Passing U By’ floats tenderly across a funky bass line, before descending into full-on riff hypnotism. The whole band spring around the stage, allowing the rhythm to consume them. ‘Still In Bed,’ the sun-drenched, funk-led lead single from their upcoming, Art Is Hard-released EP, ‘It’s Like’, builds into a frolicking dance, prioritising the instrumental phrase and really displaying their spirit as a band in the process.

Hinds bound onto the stage to huge whoops from the baying crowd. We’re eager to have a dance and sing with a band who, over the last few years, have built a deep and passionate fan base that has awaited their return. It’s evident that the couple of years away (following such vigorous touring off the back of the first record) has allowed the band to hone their songwriting abilities. On the live stage you can really hear how understated their melodies are.

Kicking straight into ‘The Club,’ its prominent bass introduction still possesses the lackadaisical energy of their first record, but with much more punch. Carlotta and Ana Perrote’s vocals are the centre point, as they pair up and alternate singing between each other so well. ‘Tester,’ one of the more riotous highlights of the new record, sounds even more euphoric as the group brim with angst, shouting the lyrics with exasperation.

As the set proceeds, Baywaves jump back on stage to join the group for their now traditional cover of ‘Davey Crockett’ by Thee Headcoatees. Carlotta and Ana climb the beams of the Fleece as they scream “gabba gabba hey” at the crowd. It’s utterly enrapturing. The joy the band bring to the stage is endearing, and it shows no signs of stopping as they blaze through this tour.

Closing up with one of the best possible three-song encores in ‘Finally Floating’, ‘New For You’ and ‘San Diego’, Hinds channel all their enthusiasm and energy. What’s most positive about this is that two of the three songs are from the new record. It’s further proof that Hinds have developed into a truly excellent live band.