1st December | Trinity Centre

Almost a year after the release of debut album Leave Me Alone and playing a sold out gig at Bristol’s Fleece in February, Hinds are touring a victory lap of the UK playing larger venues than before. Tonight sees the spanish four piece returning to the city’s Trinity Centre, making a final push to promote the ‘deluxe’ edition of their album.

The venue may not be sold out but everybody here is excitable for tonight’s headliners. A set of electro indie from London newcomers Sweat is well received and even more so is a hook heavy set from Brighton’s The Magic Gang who seem to be growing in confidence with their anthemic NME ready indie.

Despite coming onstage to Hot Chocolate’s ‘You Sexy Thing,’ Hinds begin their set slowly with unreleased song ‘Warning with the Curling’ followed by ‘Trippy Gum’ a bonus track from the deluxe reissue. Any fears of the unfamiliar are then cast aside as the band launch into a trio of album tracks and the party finally begins. After a friendly invitation to dance from the band’s friendly Carlotta Cosials the initially shy crowd begin to mosh albeit in a fun gentle way. A hinds gig is not the place for chin stroking, for tonight is all about enjoyment which Hinds bring by the bucketload

In a live setting Hinds’ music is less purposefully rough around the edges as on Leave Me Alone and has a fuller less lo-fi sound. After playing them live so often the songs are played with an ease and enthusiasm which makes them sound better than their recorded counterparts. Every album track is received as if it were a lead single by an audience of mixed ages who know the album inside out. The sweetly anthemic ‘Bamboo’ and a raucous version of ‘San Diego’ are played with the over-excited crowd mouthing back the lyrics with hands in the air.

Hinds music might not have the most original sound but their unpretentious youthful enthusiasm makes up for this. It is a pleasure to witness the four musicians clearly enjoying themselves by having the time of their lives on stage. The band may have been constantly touring for the whole of 2015 and 2016, but nothing about tonight feels tired or forced. The only real problem is that the band are touring a very similar set to that they have been playing all year, which might be off putting for those of us who have seen them before.

Hinds apologise for their set going by a bit too quickly and reasonably explain that this is due to only having one album (despite not playing a couple of tracks of that album). New music is apparently being planned for once the band has finished touring, but no new songs are aired tonight apart from the aforementioned ‘Warning with the Curling’. Instead we are treated to a trio of covers which pay tribute to the band’s garage rock influences Dead Ghosts, Thee Headcoatees and fellow spaniards Los Nastys.

Hinds’ positive attitude makes a welcome addition to a perhaps oversubscribed genre. They might not be pushing music forward but the band aren’t necessarily about that, they make music to get lost in the moment to, whether that is in the mosh pit at a gig, or listening to music on headphones whilst shopping. Happiness, enthusiasm and love are the key to Hinds’ music and tonight those feelings are found in abundance.

Check out the video for ‘San Diego’ below.