Hippo Campus // Photoset

23rd February | SWX

It’s not always easy being young, right? And growing up is fraught with challenges too, yeah? Hippo Campus strike a chord with what it’s like to be youthful, energetic and frequently uncertain at the end of this turbulent decade. Even calling their most recent album Bambi gives off a sense of tottering through the world optimistically on wobbly legs, trying to avoid some bastard with the metaphorical bow and arrow. Their sound at SWX gave us the warm and the wistful, the energetic and the antsy. Lead singer, Jake Luppen, said about the recent album, “It’s about sharing what you’re going through, so maybe someone else will feel less lonely.” Not only is it OK not to be OK, but on the evidence of this evening, listening to Hippo Campus makes it a hell of a lot better. Callum O’Keefe was there with his trusty camera.

See the video for ‘Doubt’ here: