11th May | The Station

For the past two years London sextet, HMLTD have been honing their maximalist vision,  whether through their striking, bold self-image or their clamorous, impressionistic live show. Having certainly cemented a name for themselves through the country as one of Britain’s most talked-about bands and backing that with their aforementioned live show, they are now afforded the opportunity to let the music be the priority. The scale and uniqueness of their show at The Station this Friday will not only show the position the group have crafted for themselves, but also the underrated range of their sound, a vivid and wide-ranging approach to art-pop.

If HMLTD are bringing their comprehensive and idiosyncratic exhibition to The Station from the capital, then Scalping and Poisonous Birds couldn’t be better support, two groups from Bristol who again offer something completely individual and just as captivating. Scalping are an unrestrained and imaginative group who can’t be categorised, while Poisonous Birds bridge a large gap between dissonance and gentle ambience, both forming something engaging and impressionistic.

In an interview with Bristol Live back in February, James from HMLTD expressed a desire to provide a live show that, “really just takes you out, you’re walking down the street and it just takes you into this completely different world where you can’t even know it’s a gig anymore.” From experiencing their live show previously, you can’t deny that their dauntless enthusiasm for overloading the senses could take them to such heights.

See the video for ‘Satan, Luella and I’ here: