23rd May | Fiddlers

If you haven’t heard of Montreal-based artist, Homeshake, then listen up. This weird and wonderful solo project of Peter Sagar came to life 2012 and featured talent from Mark Goetz, Greg Napier, and Brad Loughead. Originally a live band member for the ever-iconic Mac DeMarco, Pete left the band in 2014 to work on his solo project and it’s only gone from strength to strength. Despite Homeshake’s impressive, five-year repertoire, I only stumbled across his distinctive sound in 2017 when the hit single ‘Every Single Thing’ was first played to me at a party.

We all love the synth-pop genre (if you don’t, I’d recommend you steer clear of my Spotify). Whether it’s legends, Depeche Mode or modern duo, MGMT, synth-pop has always played a major part in the music industry and my eclectic taste. And I thank Pete Sagar every day for blessing us with Homeshake, because although there’s that all too familiar synthesised sound, there’s also flashes of the indie and psychedelic genres.

Pete Sagar has poured everything from his Mac DeMarco days of psychedelic rock and jangle pop into a big, synth-sounding pot and swirled it around until it’s totally undefinable. Four albums later, including his 2019 album of trippy otherworldly music, Helium, and you’re left feeling both unnerved and relaxed at the same time. My hope is that at Homeshake’s Fiddlers gig, we can all drink from this gorgeous, mysterious concoction of sound and it’ll be so good that even the synth-pop critics won’t be able to resist.

See the video for ‘Just Like My’ here: