Honeyblood | Live Review + Photoset


Photos (c) Hannah Broughton

Tweeddale takes a drink after exclaiming, “Tequila is the only alcohol that doesn’t turn to sugar in your blood!” to a bemused crowd.

Sometimes, the cream of the crop in guitar music comes in twos. We have Meg White and Jack White, Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince, and now Honeyblood. Since their formation in 2012, Stina Tweeddale and Cat Myers (via Shona McVicar) have made the now renowned Glasgow twosome something of an inde powerhouse, with tonight being no exception.

Beforehand though, locals Brockley Forest and Ema Siera put the cogs into gear. Brockley Forest threw all their punches in a charged set, spewing out a mix of stuttery punk and grinding guitars, creating a dramatic din darker than the band’s clothes. Next up, Ema Siera gave us sugary slow dance harmonies, sweet enough to rot your teeth. They can go from breathy and heartfelt to brazen and bold in the snap of a finger.

At precisely 9:28, passing through the packed crowd nonchalantly before the set, Stina Tweeddale and Cat Myers bounded onstage with an air of confidence. Introducing them was the spiky yet high tempo ‘Choker’. The sultry vocals could be likened to Chrissie Hynde, and this two-piece made all the riot that a band double their size don’t always succeed to. This was followed swiftly by ‘I’d Rather Be Anywhere (But Here)’, with taut riffs splintered slowly into pieces, then egged on by clamouring drums. One could be worried of Honeyblood peaking too soon, but no such fear was evident from the lively crowd.

Part way through and the set was proving consistent until ‘Braid Burn Valley’ made for a lowlight, failing to shine through as well as many of the tracks did so well. One such moment being the fiery haze of ‘Super Rat’, whose perfect chorus of “I will hate you forever” spoke volumes for the now head-banging audience.

“We’re going to play a couple of new songs, is that ok?” Tweeddale asked us tentatively. “No” a brave member of the crowd shouted. “No? Well we’re gonna play them anyway.” Tweeddale said, readying the guitar. For starters ‘Love Is A Disease’ is your new favourite anti-love song complete with bird-like coos and heart-smashingly brutal riffs. Tweeddale takes a drink after exclaiming “Tequila is the only alcohol that doesn’t turn to sugar in your blood!” to a bemused crowd. She appears unconvincing but plays us another pulsing new song, ‘Babes Never Die’, a phrase of which Tweeddale has as a tattoo. Considering the initial reluctance, these songs may have already become live favourites.

After the show Tweeddale and Myers hop off and go straight to the merch stand to meet the fans and get photos. The swarm of ardent supporters stay a good twenty minutes after the gig is over, something one can only wish for with bands and musicians these days. If tonight is a taster of what’s to come with the future of Honeyblood, we’ve certainly been left wanting more.

Check out ‘Super Rat’ here: