Honeyblood | Live Review


Despite the band being touted as grungy, this doesn’t feel like a grunge gig, between songs you can hear a pin drop.

Honeyblood wait amongst the crowd until their set begins. The Louisiana is bustling as the two girls share a little laugh about how they’re going to push through to the stage, it’s all a bit trivial to watch.

The news of drummer Shona McVicar’s departure came as a bit of a surprise last week, even more so because of the fact that imminent live dates loomed. Nonetheless, as the pair step onstage tonight, any worry is put to doubt and all eyes are firmly locked in.

Opening with the rollicking guitars of ‘Fall Forever’ their live dynamic instantly clicks. The duo play with tenacity and spirit, the real warmer though is the charm and talent of Tweeddale.¬†“Is it sold out tonight?” she questions the crowd with a bright Glaswegian¬†accent. When the response comes the pair seem truly humbled, “this is a big deal Bristol”. In truth though, we’re the lucky ones as they forage deep into the debut album that has captured the imagination of so many.

Tracks like ‘Bud’ and ‘Choker’ really coax a crowd response as they’re announced. At one point the girls struggle to hear the guitar through their monitors so proceed to notch the volume up anyway, which leads to a light bout of cheers. Despite the band being touted as grungy, this doesn’t feel like a grunge gig. Between songs after the clapping you can hear a pin drop – there’s a level of appreciation for the musicianship that hangs on every note as we eagerly await more.

The set does however provide more rampant moments, with bounding drum stabs and vocals sung with a bitter edge; these tracks balance perfectly with the more delicate numbers like ‘Sewer Rat’, written with the resent of an ex partner on the brain.

You can easily come off a bit silly when pushing into the world of grunge, but these flaunt a sound both triumphant and unique. If you missed a ticket for this one, unlucky, but it’s not the end of the world. The duo return to the exact same venue this November alongside Superfood and Spectres. Oh we are spoiled sometimes.

Check out ‘Killer Bangs’ right here: