Honeyblood | Preview


It’s hard not to to fall in love with Honeyblood. The duo’s debut album is packed with tracks of equal power, often forcing bittersweet melodies through their minimal garage set up.

The girls’ self proclaimed mission is to usher more of a female presence into the music industry. These values come with the strength and solidarity of tracks like ‘Killer Bangs’, raw bouts of passion with guitars just itching to get under your skin. Their lyrics strike out at, amongst other things, ex-lovers with resentful lines like “you are the smartest rat in the sewer”.

Hark, the Glaswegian pair are stopping by The Louisiana this September 22nd, the perfect setting for a Monday night smattering of tracks with the charm of Best Coast and total pummel of Joanna Gruesome.

Warmup with ‘Killer Bangs’ right here: