23rd November | The Fleece

Photo: Laure Noverraz

Honeyblood are half way through their tour with many of the shows sold out, including tonight’s show at The Fleece. This is clear when entering the venue, just in time to catch support band PINS. It’s already a struggle to get to the bar and find a place to stand amongst the jostling crowd, and the air is filled with anticipation.

PINS kick off the night with a triumphant and seemingly well received set, including a cover of Joy Division’s ‘Dead Souls’ which is a particular highlight.

When the time comes for Honeyblood to take the stage we can hear the words “Never die, never die, never die…” filling the room, and with that Stina Tweedale strums out the opening chords of new song ‘Ready For The Magic’. When the song finished drummer Cat Myers informs us it’s Stina’s birthday, and the crowd proceed to sing happy birthday to the singer in a unified eruption. Throughout the night Tweedale is presented with birthday gifts in between songs, and the drummer takes every chance to embarrass her in the loveliest way possible. Presents included hand knitted mittens and a pair of bunny slippers.

As much as Honeyblood are known for their dancy guitar hooks, slow song ‘Cruel’ is a beautiful and emotional anthem which really seems to stick with the crowd. The duo proceed to play their new album Babes Never Die in full, and their new songs come alive. There’s something about hearing songs for the first time live, it seems to give them a new lease of life every time you hear them from then on. Stand out tracks include the punchy ‘Love is a Disease’ and the soft grunge ‘Hey, Stellar’, but the whole album is filled with hooky choruses which are perfect to play to a live audience.

At the point when most bands go off to come back to an encore, Honeyblood stay for one last birthday surprise, a sing along to The Corrs classic ‘So Young Now’ (apparently a guilty pleasure of the singers). After the celebrations, title track ‘Babes Never Die’ brings a burst of energy to an otherwise slightly still-er than expected audience. This is no criticism for Honeyblood, and probably has something to do with the crowds wide spanning age range as well as the fact it’s a Wednesday night.

Tonight’s gig was memorable, not just because of the added birthday bash factor, but also because Honeyblood seem like the kind of band you can expect a lot from. With the new album having been critically well received and a tour that’s sold out in many cities, you can’t help but feel excited about what’s coming next. After all, babes never die.

Watch the video for ‘Ready For The Magic’ below.