13th October | SWX

Naming your band after an intestinal parasite is a calculated risk. Ancylostoma duodenale or Necator americanus, the two species of hookworm found globally, are a right bunch of bastards. Before you call me out for being parasite-ist, let me get my rebuttal in first by saying 1) ‘Parasitism’ isn’t actually a thing and 2) It’s not like they’re refugees who need a good home or anything. They’re not severely misunderstood. They give you an itchy bum.

So what links the badly-Mercury-Prize-overlooked-West-Yorkshire-motorik-synth-rock juggernaut, Hookworms with anything persistently hungry, wriggly and stool-invading? You’d be surprised. There’s the infectious quality of 2018’s Microshift, with tracks like ‘Ullswater,’ ‘Static Resistance’ and ‘Negative Space’ that are also distinctly visceral in the way you feel them in your guts (and bones) long before they register fully in your brain. The band’s albums prior to that, more noise-rock in essence, were certainly capable of leaving you feeling wrung out, but hopefully in a more pleasurable, cathartic manner.

One thing undeniable is that the kind of worm that Matthew ‘MJ’ Johnson and co. breed with their irresistible arrangement of beats is of the ‘ear’ variety. Even a limbless worm would struggle to keep still in the presence of their output. You may have had the pleasure of their more intimate Rough Trade set recently, but expect SWX to be positively over-run, nay infested, with sonic grandeur on Saturday night.

See the video for ‘Static Resistance’ here: