10th February | Rough Trade

Microshift, the third and latest album from Hookworms, is a record you could dance to. For those familiar with the group, this may sound surprising, the band having previously crafted whirling yet rhythmic psychedelia that was intense and claustrophobic. Now though, in crafting the new record, the group have shed any sense of ‘noise’ for something more lucid, revealing that there is a sprightly, more melodic feeling at their core.

With MJ fronting the band, the group have an impassioned and responsive guide, one who delivers with disclosing honesty, using music as cathartic expression. One of the main talking points on the new record is how MJ’s vocal is so unambiguous, once buried under waves of distortion but now central and inviting. It will be genuinely rewarding if this remains the case live.

Their set at Rough Trade in Bristol this Saturday is the first chance many will have had to hear these new songs live since the records release, and it’s highly anticipated. Microshift has been received with high acclaim, and if they can articulate their measured new sound, then it could make for an even more exciting set from a group that already have a renowned live show.