Hookworms | Live Review & Photoset


Photos (c) Louise Brady

They commit fully to throwing you into their polluted world of fuzz.

Having been a hot topic on the Bristol scene for a while now, Hookworms show at Start The Bus was never going to be a quiet one. Before they’ve even hit the stage it’s a difficult task making it down the steps to join the crowd, there’s a stifling bustle that tells nothing can really go wrong.

Well, maybe it can. After a late start due to sound troubles, they coarse into ‘Away/Towards’, setting an immersive pace that drives until the very end. Second full length ‘The Hum’ already seems to have been accepted alongside the sprawling psych debut of ‘Pearl Mystic’. Boasting a cleaner sound, the new material merges well with the classic tracks, it’s all a fantastic ever building wash of energy.

The relentless screams of MJ seem to wrench his throat into dangerous places, so it’s no wonder why their next few shows are cancelled due to a vocal injury. Though it’s this exact damning, ferocious passion that translates from track directly into the live show, making them one of the best at their craft. The key word with this band has to be ‘immersive’ – be it on track or live show, they commit fully to throwing you into their polluted world of fuzz.

It’s clear that the psych fans of this city will never fall out of love with this band. ‘The Impasse’ brings a spur of energy amongst the cramped room, it’s something truly special to be a part of. With their last appearance in the city being at 2013’s Simple Things, you can’t help but relish every moment of the show.

Known only by their initials, Hookworms hope to avoid becoming more superior than their music. But their return to Bristol leaves us asking the question, is anything more superior than the noise spluttering from the stage? It’s simply a no bullshit, raw edged, connection between those onstage and the head-banging crowd.

Get lost in ‘The Impasse’ right here: