Ah, the curious case of Chris Corner: the trip-hop holdover who actually seems to get better with age. He comes to Bristol’s Marble Factory this month under his solo moniker IAMX.

As we’ve seen from the recent wave of truly liberated post-major acts, Corner’s last two (crowd-funded) albums – The Unified Field and Metanoia – showcased some of his most complete and memorable ideas to date, for many overshadowing his work in the seminal Sneaker Pimps.

The theme continues on recent single ‘North Star’, with its arpeggiated aggression and dystopian, self-directed video. Yes, it feels things have finally met in the middle as Chris’ perennial artistic leanings and new-found DIY modality have been given time to mingle.

The new slew of dates in support of said single is a win for longtime followers here, where UK dates seem always to give way to continental shows; one of our many dark, industrial acts ironically more revered outside of the country. I say grab a Bristol ticket while you have the chance.

IAMX plays The Marble Factory on 17th June.

Check out recent single ‘North Star’ here: