9th March | Trinity

As someone who goes to their fair share of gigs, my friends often flock to me for suggestions or genres I think they might enjoy. There have been a few cases where I’ve been asked my thoughts on a certain band; one day I was asked, “Ever heard of Ibibio Sound Machine? I think you’ll like them.” I hadn’t a clue what my friend had just said. Imperial Sound Machine? “Strange name,” I thought, “but I’ll give them a listen.”

I went away and listened to their stuff, transfixed by their quick-tempo tunes, colourful electronic stabs and buoyant vocal runs from singer, Eno Williams. Generally, when I get introduced to a new band/artist, there’s a period of roughly two weeks where I listen to their discography back-to-back and then I move onto the next. Ibibio Sound Machine have been in the back of my mind ever since the very conversation which introduced me to them.

Ibibio Sound Machine are an eight-piece beast, amalgamating electronic, Afro-funk and disco into their vibrant catalogue. They are rooted in Afrobeat and take influence from African elements, whilst also weaving some slick electronic beats throughout their rich tunes. You cannot imagine my excitement when I discovered that there was new music in the mix. The band’s third album is due for release later this month, with the lead single ‘Tell Me (Doko Mien)’ already racking up thousands of plays online. Packed with vintage drum and bass elements, along with Eno’s transfixing vocal stabs which are further elevated by the beefy horn sections. See below for another glimmer into what their third album is going to touch upon.

Ibibio Sound Machine will be gracing the stage at Trinity later this week. Bring your dancing trainers and I’ll see you in the front row.

Listen to brand-new single ‘Guess We Found A Way’ here: