Iceage + Idles | Live Review


Photos (c) Louise Brady

Iconic, cult-like figures appear as an excessively loud bass drum pulsates the room.

The Iceage and Idles show at The Fleece has been a beacon of excitement for some time. Lovingly put on by the guys at Simple Things, it’s a classic double-biller promising to kick May off in aggressive fashion.

Idles are as relentless and empowering as ever, as they throw out new material with both ferocity and confidence. Joe Talbot is a genius frontman as he injects every last bit of passion he owns into his performance. ‘Queens’ sticks out as their finest track with bouldering, tight instrumentation. They no doubt make a lasting impression on those who haven’t seen them live before. It’s impossible not to get excited about future releases from these guys, and people flock to the merch stand to snap up their t-shirts dodgily sporting Princess Diana’s face.

Iceage, however, take the piss slightly; firstly with their excessively boring tour support Helm, and then with the painfully long wait until their arrival. Even the Metronomy blasting through the PA can’t numb the pain. There’s a certain impatience growing amongst the crowd as time rolls on. Meanwhile their singer drags on a rollie outside the venue, his fringe leaking over his eyeline — people are eager to spark a conversation although he’s rather casual in his reply, hindered by a Danish accent.

Iconic, cult-like figures appear as an excessively loud bass drum pulsates the room. It’s no wonder why the bar staff were warning each other to make use of their earplugs beforehand. There’s something quite haunting about the way the band eventually skulk about the stage. The track ‘How Many’ is demanding of our attention as they roll about the place, latching onto the pillars in front of the stage.

‘The Lord’s Favourite’ is undeniably the strongest track in the nights setlist. It’s bolshy, euphoric and heavy. The song is a call to arms for the few people scattered at the front to start bundling into one another — there’s something incredibly captivating about these guys in the live environment. And, despite the band keeping us waiting, it was ultimately worth it.

On the night both bands delivered, showing that there’s still new angles to be gouged out in the world of punk. Idles continue to be as incisive and hungry as ever, while Iceage prove all the accolades following their latest album were deserved.

Check out ‘The Lord’s Favourite’ right here: