IDER // Photoset

2nd March | Crofters Rights

Lily Somerville and Megan Markwick are genuinely two separate and distinct human beings. They have different names. No-one at the Crofters Rights could deny that there were two physical entities in front of them on the stage. It’s just that IDER have guts, gusto, gumption and two ferocious hearts that beat as one. They could be called ‘Symbiosis’ if that wasn’t either a bit proggy, or indeed a crap name for a band.

The ultimate sisterfromanothermisterhood emanated all manner of emotions through the evening. Their songs could take us to the depths of introspection, whilst their interaction magnetised and charmed. As emotive as they can be, they never leave joy out of a live performance. Their smiles were duly reciprocated by those present. And what vocal prowess they possess. Bigger (but not necessarily better – you’ll catch some incredible bands at The Crofters Rights) venues beckon. Naomi Williams captured this photoset.

See the video for ‘Mirror’ here: