Bristol punk band IDLES had their car broken into last night and three of their guitars were stolen.

The band have said on Facebook that the car was parked in Tufnell Park, London, and all three guitars have huge sentimental value to the band. They’re asking for anyone in London to keep their eyes open for them, and everyone else to share the details till they can get them back.

The lost gear is:

1 – American Fender Telecaster Corona
Pastel Yellow
Maple Neck
Modified Input, bolted and screwed in.
Guitar paint is chilled around input, neck joint and cut away (along with other places)

1 – Mexican Fender Stratocaster
Pastel Pink
Maple Neck
Bridge and Neck pickups are black
Only 1 volume and tone pot
Tone pot closet to the bridge has been removed and has black tape over it.
Various scratches and chips in paint

1 – Mexican Fender Mustang
Pastel Blue
Rosewood Neck
P-90 Pickups
Few Scratches around the guitar

2 Stagg Rectangular Guitar cases, with IDLES on them, and tape.

1 Fender Guitar Shaped Case, with IDLES sprayed on it and tape.

You can find pictures of all the equipment on IDLES’ Facebook page, and whilst you’re there share the post so hopefully they can get their guitars back.

Watch the band live in session for Bristol Live Magazine below