16th October | SWX

IDLES‘ second LP, Joy As An Act of Resistance has been hailed as a masterpiece. Since their debut album, Brutalism cemented them as an outfit of exhilarating promise, they have been paving their own way as dynamite musicians, The band’s live sets are becoming notorious for delirium on an unmeasurable scale, as witnessed when they owned many a festival this summer, and when they tore through Rough Trade’s Live Room on album launch day.

Joy As An Act of Resistance surfaces at a poignant time in Britain. It’s a significant work that challenges stigma and tears apart the political landscape we are faced with today. This thematic unification, combined with their hectic yet infectious punk crunch has propelled IDLES towards being a band that solidifies the anger of the masses. Joe Talbot’s lyricism in this work gleams with honesty of the utmost purity, exuding frustration with every snarl.

The Bristolian bombshells are currently touring the States, as well as championing the international festival season. Next week, they will be taking to SWX with the support of Danny Nedelko-fronted Heavy Lungs. This sold-out event will be their biggest hometown show to date, where ferocious, sweat-inducing energy is a promise, not a possibility.

See the video for ‘Danny Nedelko’ here: