At this point we’ve all given Bristol stalwarts IDLES pats-on-backs and beers-in-hands for their recent arena show with (am I about to use this phrase?) rock royalty, Foo Fighters.

Well we’ve got another confession to make, because our boys took a disposable camera along for us – and you. Be a voyeur into their idlesing around below.

NOTE: Not long after, their gear was stolen from the tour van while in London for another show – check out their post here to see what was taken and keep your eyes peeled.

1. The excitement is already been too much for bassist Dev as he goes nappy-byes on the way to the show:

2. Guns out backstage:

3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Setting up on the biggest stage they, or most people you know, have ever played on before sticking it to around 20k people:

8. “Well done.”

After (source: Idles FB):

Read Jon Kean’s excellent thought piece on support bands (from the current print issue) hereThen listen to some classic IDLES below: