Idlewild // Photoset

20th April | Anson Rooms

Idlewild have been quiet giants of British music for a long time. At the Anson Rooms, they played a varied set exploring their massive back catalogue which, as well as showcasing some new tracks from Interview Music. There was an especially raucous reaction from the audience when Roddy Woomble announced they were going to play ‘Readers & Writers’ which Roddy commented on, saying that it was “popular in Bristol not very popular anywhere else.”

Roddy frequently moved to the wings of the stage, leaving the rest of the band to shine such as on ‘When I Argue I See Shapes’, which crescendoed into a full-onband jam, Rod James’ excellent guitar work especially noticeable. They talked about how they first played Bristol twenty-three years ago at The Louisiana. Time flies and things change, but Idlewild’s quality remains.

See the video for ‘Same Things Twice’ here: