Photo: Fred Iles

When did you move to Bristol?

In 2011 to study illustration, very happily flying the nest from Brighton to the other creatively vibrant ‘B’ city in the south. Wow, almost ten years here – not bored yet though!

Who’s your top Bristol artist at the moment?

Pocket Sun – the brainchild of Gina Marie Tratt. She had helped me animate some artwork a few years ago for Kula, then last year this project popped up out of nowhere. I had no idea! Love it.

What are your go-to places to eat and drink?

This is tricky as we’ve moved further out of town and I love to cook at home. However, I was a tapas chef for a while, and consequently really love tapas, my favourite spot being Bravas in Clifton. A comical but tasty beer I like is a Kwak at The Strawberry Thief. However, sobriety feels pretty nice right now after the festive season. My mum also loves to make a million snowballs (the drink) at Christmas.

What’s the perfect way to spend a day here?

Cycling out to Warleigh Weir or Freshford and swimming in the river along the way. Seeing a weird but great film at the Watershed. Going for a forest walk at Blaise Castle or Snuff Mills. Going rock climbing outdoors or in. And going to see some live music, of course.

What’s your favourite thing about the city?

Its closeness to the countryside. We’ve moved a little bit out of town and have a forest in our back garden and space to grow our own veg – its awesome. We spent many a summer night stargazing on our balcony – the dream! 

And your least favourite?

Pollution – I cycle everywhere I go, as it’s the easiest way to get around Bristol. Breathing in the fumes of city gridlocked traffic at rush hour is grim. 

Any top venues?

I have to hand it to The Gallimaufry; it’s an invaluable space for free expression and experimentation. Alternatively, for a very Bristol night out – The Plough in Easton is always very great. This needs no explanation. 

How did it feel to release your first vinyl, OODLES / STROODLES at the end of 2019?

Crazy! Always dreamed of putting some music onto a physical record. It just feels so much more real. I’d also spent many hours working on all the individual artworks for each single too, which were included in an eight-page booklet, so the whole thing together just felt momentous. 

Cousin Kula play The Louisiana on 1st February. The double EP, OODLES / STROODLES is available via Chiverin Records.

See Cousin Kula play ‘Working For It’ live in session here: