Photo: Ryan Lauricourt

When did you move to Bristol?

I’m a South West native, but I moved here back in 2016 after living in Australia for a number of years.

Who’s your top Bristol artist at the moment?

Hmm… so many to pick from! I’m biased because I love them as a person and play in a band with them, but Tim’s (Dogeyed bassist) new solo project, Immy is so beautiful. Melancholic, gentle folk music.

What are your go-to places to eat and drink?

Hari Krishnan’s Kitchen on Zetland Road. Downtown Taqueria for vegan tacos. Coffee and cake at Exchange’s caf. I don’t drink, but I rate The Duke of York in St. Werburghs for its foosball table and jalapeño pretzel bites.

What’s the perfect way to spend a day here?

On a hot day, pack snacks and ride over the bridge to Abbots Leigh for a dip in the pool. On a cold day, a ride around the harbour, eat food, go watch a movie at the Watershed. Pretty much things that involve cycling and eating.

What’s your favourite thing about the city?

Incredibly warm and open people. Proximity to nature.

And your least favourite?

Little visible or meaningful attention from the local council and central government to address homelessness and poverty. Unreasonable rent. Lack of legitimate affordable housing. Erosion of culture with the outpricing of creative spaces like Hydra Books and Two’s Company Studios. Dysfunctional bike paths. I could go on – there’s a lot we should be angry about.

Any top venues?

Exchange will forever have my heart.

What’s your view of the current Bristol music scene?

We’ve been asked a lot recently about the thriving music scene in Bristol and how many Bristol bands are gaining notability. This doesn’t happen by accident. In Bristol, we are lucky to have amazing independent labels, venues, magazines/papers, record stores, promoters and most importantly, there’s a shit tonne of people that attend gigs and buy music. There is a whole infrastructure of hard working people that love and support this scene and that’s why it’s thriving – long may it continue.

Dogeyed’s new single, ‘Kalimotxo’ came out on February 25th via Specialist Subject Records. They play The Crofters Rights with Rebecka Reinhard on March 6th.

Listen to ‘Kalimotxo’ here: