Photo: Ania Shrimpton

When did you move to Bristol?

I moved back to Bristol in 2011.

Who’s your top Bristol artist at the moment?

Wych Elm, INDIGOs, No Violet, Kate Stapley, Harvey Causon & Black Flies.

What are your go-to places to eat and drink?

Vegan Oowee, Left Handed Giant, Small Bar, Hy-Brasil (RIP), The Canteen, Exchange, Wild Beer & Loose Cannon who do the BEST Bloody Mary, aka The Brexit Mary

What’s the perfect way to spend a day here?

Pull up a bit of concrete on the river with some drinks around Arnolfini/Wapping Wharf. Enjoying some of the many festivals we have on during summer: D2D, The Downs, Love Saves The Day, Harbour Festival, Redfest & Balloon Fiesta among others… Enjoying some of the beautiful walks we have around the city and discovering some new hidden gems. Even in the rain, this city is a beauty to explore. 

What’s your favourite thing about the city?

You can walk just about anywhere and it’s full of legends. We’re a creative city and we’re filled with independents and so many like-minded people. There’s a lot of support and love in this city, I think – we’re very lucky here.

And your least favourite?

Bristol City Council. The enforcement officers. The increasing amount of homelessness in the city which is incredibly sad to see. The lack of housing for people in the city but increasing amount for students. I’d love to see the council spend their time and efforts on helping the homeless and creating more affordable housing. 

Any top venues?

All of them – literally. They’re fairly hard to fault and the more the merrier! Every venue in Bristol has some history and offers something slightly different.

Any last words for the Bristol faithful from Hy-Brasil?

A huge amount of thanks to Matt Aitken, Rory Garraway, Nick Meadows, Luke Boast, Harry Stirland, all the bar staff teams that have circulated through the STB era and the short-lived HB era, every promoter and artist that has used the venue since day dot and to every person that has walked through those front doors. I hope that on September 28th, everyone comes to the venue to celebrate the very last live show within the Start The Bus / Hy-Brasil walls – it’s going to be one hell of a send-off for this venue.

Hy-Brasil’s final show on 28th September is a Crosstown Concerts presentation by arrangement with The Empire Agency, featuring THUMPER, No Violet, INDIGOs and Black Flies, with special guest DJs throughout the night.

See the video for ‘In My Room’ by Hy Brasil’s last-ever live performers, Thumper here: