9th March | Thekla

During a stripped-back set at Rough Trade Bristol last week, Saul Ademczewski and Ben Romans-Hopcraft exhibited their understated abilities as melodic songwriters. Tracks from their self-titled first full-length, like ‘I Don’t Wanna Dance (With My Baby)’ and ‘Teenage Toy’ brimming with odd-ball energy and concise, enigmatic minimalism. For both these musicians, in particular Saul, this came as a really pleasant surprise when the pair first emerged together as Insecure Men. Subverting a sense of harmony with seedy characters and dark themes, the record is a unanimous success following difficult times.

Now with the full band in tow, the group can fully embrace the kookiness that lies within their sound. The tropical, lounge vibes they create belie a sleazy underbelly that isn’t afraid to either be vexing or vulnerable. It’s actually arresting just how much conviction Saul delivers their lyricism with; again a surprising sense of tenderness is summoned from quite brooding themes.

Yet what’ll be most exciting is the way the group provide a real sense of camaderie in their sound. As aforementioned, the songs are undeniably catchy, and with the capabilities of a full ensemble, Insecure Men will provide something that is purposeful lyrically, while being consistently jovial.

See the video for ‘Teenage Toy’ here: