Splashh | Full Interview


Having ditched the sun stricken scenery of the southern hemisphere for the grey skies of East London, Splashh have triumphed in flipping garage on it’s head. We picked up the phone to frontman Sasha Carlson who’s vitamin-D doused vocals make the band’s debut album something truly defining.

Hi there Sasha, how are you keeping?

Yeah good man, it’s a raining outside so…

I can’t say it’s much better here. So, you’ve been busy with the launch of the album recently, how are you finding the process of releasing your debut? 

It’s been great, the album has been out in America and Australia for a few months now so it feels like it’s been out for a while. We’ve had good feedback so far around the UK and Europe, so we’re just glad it’s out for people to hear. We’re just stoked in general.

How did the Rough Trade launch party go?

Yeah that was good, a load of people turned up and our friends came down to support us. We had a big party at my house after, it was a nice celebration. It feels like we’ve celebrated the album loads recently so it’s kind of good there’ll be no more parties for a while.

The dreamy vocals throughout the album give it a summery feel, how has your sound evolved into this garage-pop?

I’ve played in bands for quite a long time now and have always liked the dreamy effect. You start off putting loads of delays and reverb on the vocals because you might feel a little self-concious, but when me and Toto started recording we naturally picked up the far away sound we wanted.

Would you say the fact that ‘Comfort’ is self-produced adds to the garagesound?

Yeah definitely man, I mean me and Toto did it all ourselves. I guess we were inspired by garage bands like The Strokes and Deerhunter and stuff like that.

I can also hear some Sonic Youth coming through at times…

Definitely Sonic Youth with the different tunings and stuff like that. Like when they got bored of the same standard tuning, Sonic Youth used to lean against different ones to create a different vibe, so they were definitely an influence.

Could you tell us a little bit about the artwork? It recently got sleeve of the week in NME Magazine… 

Thanks man, yeah we’re really happy with that. Our friend Leif Podhajsky is a good friend of ours, he’s done loads of stuff for Tame Impala, Toy and Foals. It suits the feel of the album and reminds you of getting away from the cold. I think Toto’s brother took the original photo in France.

How did you come up with the album title ‘Comfort’?

I think I was just lying down in Sydney at my Mum’s house and the sun was shining through the window and I was like ahh I’m pretty comfortable, so fuck it I’m gonna to call the album comfort. It relates to the sound and the fact it was recorded in comfortable places just chilling out.

I guess this summer was your first real chance to soak up festival season, how have you found it?

Yeah it was the first time we’ve done a big festival run, it was a wild time. We played a really good one in Sweden called Best Kept Secret, it was on like a safari park and they had a backstage cocktail bar. They were all cool and it was great to be playing at them.

So are you excited about the upcoming UK tour? Have you began rehearsals? 

We haven’t started rehearsals yet, we’re going to Italy next week and then we’re straight into the tour. Hopefully we’re going to do some new stuff live with the visuals and stuff. It’s gonna be a ball.

Splashh are set to stop off at Simple Things Festival in Bristol, have you had a chance to take a look at the lineup? 

Yes I’m really looking forward to that one, It’s got a load of cool underground type bands playing. I love Hookworms so it will be good to try and see them; they’re all really nice guys.

So, what are the next steps for Splashh?

Following the tour we’re doing Europe, then we’re going to go away for a while. I think the UK tour will be our last stint of the year – then we’ll all head home for a break to get some family and sunshine in, then figure out what needs to happen next year. But all of the new stuff we’ve been coming up with is super exciting and a bit different.

Is it a change of direction? 

Yeah, think Splashh but with a use of vintage synthesisers. There’s going to be a different feel to it.

We usually end on a few snappy ones, so you’re currently…

Reading – I’ve just finished Hollywood by Charles Bukowski.

Listening to – LCD Soundsystem.

Looking forward to – Having a swim.

Ace, thanks  for your time Sasha.

 Check out Splashh’s video for ‘Feels Like You’ right here: