Vuvuvultures | Full Interview


Vuvuvultures are said to teeter between two worlds, ultimately sounding like the most glorious pop song pushed into a dark and bottomless abyss. Their debut album, released earlier this summer, stays true to these words – flaunting the gothic intensity of Bauhaus whilst at the same time holding a dance-floor edge.

I caught up with Harmony and Nicole to discuss one of the years most exciting albums and their UK tour this November…

Hey there guys, so what’s going on in the world of Vuvuvultures at the moment?

We’re enjoying the slow decay of English Summer. We have just released our debut album ‘Push/Pull’, and we’ve started writing new songs and are preparing a live set for a UK tour in November. Also there’s a AA-side single coming out in November featuring ‘Your Thoughts Are A Plague’ and ‘Deaf Epic’.

 So how did you go about carving out a reputation in London?

We threw some pretty mad parties wherever we could afford to, with whatever we could get for free, booked bands we liked and thought people we knew would like, and invited everyone! Harmony also played half naked at a show, we think that helped.

Those notorious warehouse parties led people into perceiving the band as underground, is this something you’d consider yourselves?

Underground and Indie are two terms we will never quite fully grasp the meaning of. We aren’t deliberately underground but our mum’s friends don’t know the band name at dinner parties or anything.

 It’s been said that the enigma of goth and the brash side of pop collide on your debut album… how did this emerge, are their influences in both camps?

Good question. Perhaps it’s the fact that we’re essentially writing pop songs and perverting them through noisy machines and lots of distortion and reverb and delays and things? Maybe the use of smoke and flashy lights when we play live? Could it be the slightly cult looking logo? I’d say we definitely have a taste for the more sinister side in life but really we have more of a black comedy mind than a gothic one. We’re huge fans of sci-fi and things that are completely random or a bit twisted so perhaps it’s that.

We grew up listening to Pixies, Nirvana, Prince, The B-52′s, Floyd, Sabbath,Zeppelin, Joy Division and Portishead and all the offerings at the dawn of computer electronic music. We’re all big music fans at heart and listen to quite a variety of things between the four of us.

 Your debut album has been on the shelves for over a month now, how has the response been?

The response has been really good so far! It’s has also confused a lot of people but not to the point of them not liking it, so we think that’s a good thing.

If you had to pin-point something defining or special that’s impacted Vuvuvultures this summer, what would it be?

Going on tour to Brasil! Great experience. We had loads of Caipirinhas and swam in the sea and ate loads of steak. Also definitely releasing our album. It’s been while in the making and it feels great to have our song babies out in the world.

 As you mentioned before there’s a six date UK tour lined up where some people will be seeing you for the first time, what should they expect?

Make that 10 dates we’re still booking it! Our live show involves loud noises, moody lighting and sometimes the occasional accidental boob. You can keep up with the details regarding the extra dates on our website.

So lastly you’re currently…

 Listening to – Jon Hopkins, Fat White Family.

Reading – Snowcrash, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

 Watching – Looking forward to the return of Sons of Anarchy.

Thanks for your time, it’s been great!

Book tickets for Vuvuvultures’ UK tour here, and stream their amazing debut album ‘Push/Pull’ in its entirety below: