Kate Stapley

Kate Stapley // Cover Interview

“It’s nice just to have a bit of joy really. Everything doesn’t need to be so serious.” Kate Stapley speaks to Guy Marcham for this month's cover interview.
Kim Gordon

Kim Gordon // Cover Interview

“I’ve always been interested in how LA is sort of creepy." The wonderfully wise Kim Gordon bewitches Robin Murray in this month's cover interview.
Angel Olsen

Angel Olsen // Cover Interview

“I won't stop writing because I have to write. It's part of who I am.” Angel Olsen also has plenty to say to Gemma Samways for this month's cover interview.


It's rare that artists make the cover of BiS twice, but it's not often that you get artists like Vagabon either. She spoke to Stephanie Phillips.

HAAi // Cover Interview

"The last few years have seen HAAi on a supersonic trajectory." HAAi talks to Katie Thomas about gut instinct, silliness and house plants.

IDER // Cover Interview

'Emotional Education' is something that a lot of us could use. IDER told Charlotte Krol why they have adopted the phrase as the title for their new album.
Hot Chip

Hot Chip // Cover Interview

Hot Chip spoke to Lee Wakefield about 'A Bath Full of Ecstasy', "nine tracks of sublime kaleidoscopic pop," for June's cover article.

Lava La Rue // Interview

Lava La Rue tells Charlotte Krol how she's going to learn how to fight the system, but do it in a way that's 'empowering and exciting' for June's magazine.
Holly Herndon

Holly Herndon // Cover Interview

Our cover star for May, Holly Herndon, speaks to Gemma Samways about spawning a whole new musical method via artificial intelligence.

Martha // Interview

Martha have an acutely-developed social conscience, which they express at significant volume. They spoke to Danny Wright for the April issue.



Dogeyed // In Short


Mouse // In Five