China Rats


Words: Rhys Buchanan . . . . . .

China Rats have already managed to carve out a warped image in the lager stained world of tiny punk venues – but with new EP ‘Don’t Play With Fire’ due to hit the shelves at the end of the month, it’s unpredictable just where they could shoot to.

‘N.O.M.O.N.E.Y’ is the perfect rattly tune to kick-start the release with thrashing guitars and snatchy vocals, the five-track continues in this way exploiting the brash untidy side of rock ‘n roll. ‘Deadbeat’ and ‘Get Loose’ sound exactly like their titles, built for nights spent in grim bars amongst bellowing crowds. One of the most exciting gems on the EP is however tucked away near the end, ‘Reeperbahn’ echoes dirty 90’s indie scene; it’s an understated, fresh number, drawing influence from the great guitar bands of the past.

Following the EP release on the 30th, the Leeds band will hit the road on a UK tour which stops by at The Lousiana on October 3rd, so come on, let’s get China Ratted!

Watch the rather clever video for ‘N.O.M.O.N.E.Y. (No Money)’ right here: