Words: Ryan Morgan.

Now many of you may be familiar with Bath based The Bronze Medal, but you may not be so familiar with member Chris Hillier’s project, Mont. An electronic outfit who combine glitchy looping rhythms with beautifully uplifting melodies. With only two tracks available to stream online, theres not much to sink your teeth into…yet. However they do provide an almost addictive sensation for more.

New single ‘Snow in the new year’ is packed with all kinds of weird and wonderful sounds. With dreamlike vocals drifting amongst the soundscape, and glitchy, at times aggressive, drum rhythms supporting it. This track oozes with charisma.

With hints of James Blake, and pure creativeness its clear ‘Mont’ aren’t afraid to experiment. It leaves a sense that this is just the beginning of what could be a mad scientist’s creation gone right.

Watch the video for ‘Snow In The New Year’ right here: