So first Chvrches started swapping their U’s for V’s, then Curxes their S’s for X’s, before Suuns and DIIV (dive) took pronunciation problems to a whole new level (last week the sentence “how many members are there in Div?” was definitely overheard). The latest of these vowel- abusing bands comes in the form of Chichester’s Traams; “a noisy, joyous krautrock squall” according to their label Fat Cat Records.

They couldn’t have pinned a more accurate description on this grungy noise-rock three-piece whose handful of recent soundcloud uploads ooze an infectious, uninhibited, almost feral energy which seeps and sprawls into a fusion of penetrating percussion and angsty yelps – its like Parquet Courts met Yuck at Glastonbury, took lots of acid and decided to jam.

Taken from their Rory Atwell (Test Icicles) and Matt Johnson (Hookworms) produced ‘Ladders’ EP, which was released last month, ‘Jack’ positively sweats with fuzzy, clammy, reverb-laden distortion; its barely audible, yelpy vocals overridden by churning basslines and acute, hasty guitars where latest release ‘Low’ rumbles its way through two and a half minutes of Fidlar-esque drones and quavering vocals. Elsewhere, ‘Mexico’ drools with bruising riffs, nippy chord changes and gnarly tones and ‘Peggy’ encompasses all the shredding urgency of a Parquet Courts track – aptly abrupt finish included.

Hailing from the sleepiest of cities where the most riveting activities – according to ‘Visit Chichester’- are walking, cycling and Cathedral visiting, it’s no doubt that Traams might just be the most exciting thing to come out of West Sussex. Ever.

Their debut album ‘Grin’ is due for release later this year. Listen to ‘Low’ here: