au ra mainOriginally hailing from Sydney, Au Ra is a newest project from duo Tom Crandles and Tim Jenkins. Sasha Carlson, now fronting Splashh used to be in the band COLOURS with Tom Cradles while Tim Jenkins used to be in Parades (RIP).

Their last track ‘Morning’ with a rather idyllic blissful affair while new track ‘Pyramid’ takes the band in a slightly darker direction. Although the introduction might leave you expecting something more jarring and discordant, enraptured vocals soon echo over soft embracing instrumentation. The track often bursts with euphoric washes of distortion, breaking up the otherwise cosy meanderings.

Although the currently sporadic releases and occasional live show are building up a formidable reputation, it’s going to be very interesting to see what comes up, with Youth Lagoon already hailing 2013 as a big year for Dream pop.