ComaCosmic techno pop outfit Coma is the brainchild of Germany’s Marius Bubat and Georg Conrad.

After a couple of extremely popular 12-inches, several well crafted EP and more than a year of meticulous preparation, Coma are set to come intro their own in 2013 with their much-anticipated debut album ‘In Technicolor’ coming out this April on Kompakt.

“Where our previous releases were kinda mirroring a foggy black and white movie, this is definitely a color film… our attempt at fusing diverse sounds in a more vivid manner, without falling prey to boring club conventions restricting the expressiveness of the music.”

Das ist gut. Check out this track from Cologne’s next big thing – featured on their new 7″ and firmly for fans of Ratatat me thinks. Video by Nils Knoblich.