Quietly working away, Curlicues, aka Bristol’s L.A. Foster, has been building an amazing catalogue of delicate, intimate and ambitious folk music.

His first EP appeared in 2013, the beautiful Orchids. It was a collection of home recordings, edited and reworked in Saigon, and showed a snapshot of an artist developing in a world of his own. First full length The Long Transition followed late last year, accompanied by a short film The Killing Jar. It showed a refined, soft but often expansive, guitar based folk. The film added another layer of brilliance and intrigue to the project.

It’s only a few months since the release of the album, and already Curlicues is releasing another EP, this time called In Photographs (Anxiety is Love’s Greatest Killer). It’s a short but ambitious affair, and one that finds Curlicues moving away from his acoustic guitar. He says that writing on it had become “slightly restrictive”, and that “shifting the focus to piano brought a freshness to the process. As an instrument, it’s far more intuitive and allowed me the freedom to discover chords that were invisible to me on a fret-board.”

The “extra dimension” that he finds the piano gives him musically shines through on the whole record, particularly on first track ‘Pink Blossom’, an eight minute epic that absorbs you completely, sucking you in with it’s beautiful melodies.

He sees his first three releases as “a trilogy” with “similar perspectives running through them”. This new EP is the final chapter of this, a closing off, an “ending” as he puts it. He wanted to release the EP soon after the album “to close this phase off sooner and allow me the space to regroup before moving in a new artistic direction.” Stepping into the unknown is exciting and I’m already excited about what Curlicues will do next.

Check out ‘In Photographs’ right here: