Words: Fabiana Giovanetti

For anybody involved in the field of music journalism, reserved bands are a real nightmare: the more you dig, the less you know about them. However, I like to think that these bands have chosen to let their music talk for them.

So, what do we know about Dwell?

Dwell is a new-born Bristolian duo, appeared in the radar last February, supported New Carnival at The Croft, and a couple of months later appeared among more well-known names in the Dot to Dot Festival line-up.

Music-wise, we rely on the band’s two track on their SoundCloud page: “Shallow Breaths” is a combination of reverberant riffs, a spiral of visceral chants, and an ambient approach soaked in spacial sonic-spheres. The debt to early Radiohead is glaring, despite a tendency to get lost in the depths of drone and space-rock soundscapes, sometimes becoming world-weary and murky as a Portishead ballad, missing on the electronic punch. The following track, “Staircase Spirit”, highlights a richness in the sonic palette, delivering powerful sound, and sinking into a whole otherworld to combine the spirit and ethos of shoegaze and lo-fi psych-rock.

The drone-rock reference is a really pleasant surprise, especially for a duo that relies only on vocals, guitar (Chris) and drums (Rupert). Woozy rock with a lo-fi aftertaste, Dwell follows in Hookworms’s footsteps, riding the fuzzy wave of the alt-rock.

Listen to ‘Shallow Breaths’ here: