If you’re looking for sunny vibes and bouncing beats to tap your feet to, then watch out for Elderbrook this summer.

London based singer-songwriter and producer; Alexander Kotz, is the face behind the name – and he’s causing a buzz with music bloggers worldwide. From the age of sixteen, Alex’s music has moved through the genres, capturing little bits of inspiration along the way. Now at twenty, his songs are an eclectic combination of minimalistic electro-pop, layered with soul-filled lyrics and jazzy undertones that make the heart sing. Elderbrook uses a creative combination of instruments, sounds and smooth vocals to invoke the motion of his lyrics; including an original arrangement of clicks, claps and hums, that dance to this welcoming sound.

Elderbrook’s most played track is ‘Rewinding’; and with plays stacking up online, the reason for its popularity becomes clear on the first listen – as its relaxing beat and soothing vocals kick in your mind starts to unwind. For fans of Alt-J and James Blake, the tracks chilled, down-tempo rhythm and catchy hooks make for an addictive listen that’s sure to catch your attention.

We’re expecting to hear a new EP this summer, but in the meantime there’s a cheeky preview on his facebook page. As well as working on tracks for future releases, he’s also remixing songs by Bipolar Sunshine, Eli Ingram and Amber Run which he hopes will be released soon. There’re also plans to complete the live set the end of the year, so hopefully we will see him in Bristol soon. It looks to be a busy, but exciting 2014 for Elderbrook so best keep your ear to the ground.

Check out ‘Rewinding’ right here: