hibouSo today we check out the merely 19 year-old Seattleite, Peter Michel, better known as Hibou (said ‘ee boo’, duh).

You may in fact recognise him as the drummer of similarly dreamy outfit Craft Spells, on Captured Tracks (Wild Nothing, The Soft Moon). Now solo and revelling even more in all things lo-fi, he offered his ‘Glow / Hollow’ AA-side back in January, much to the approval of the blogosphere.

Let’s be frank – amidst a cavalcade of dreampoppers it’s kinda hard to stand out, no matter how well-executed your music is. Hibou manages to do this by dipping seamlessly into an array of subgenres.

‘Glow’ takes the driving brand of shoegaze you may have enjoyed via the more hyped Wampire, but with a much more post-punk vibe in it’s brooding Joy Division progression.

‘Hollow’ is by contrast decidedly French in nature. Taking the kind of chirpy blips and such shared by fellow franco-sympathisers like Metronomy or Two Door Cinema Club, Peter wraps them in the etherial world he knows so well to create something pretty sweet indeed.

Check out the AA-side for yourself, here: