King Of The Opera


Soothing on my tired ears, it’s Italy’s King Of The Opera. Their debut full-length ‘Nothing Outstanding’ is a multi-faceted journey, as an album should be, from melancholic depths to dizzying highs.

They tip their hat in opener ‘Fabriciborio’ to psychedelic types like The Doors, along with the subtle plucking command of  Devendra Banhart or Jeff Buckley. It’s deep and rock-orchestral, with times when even Radiohead doesn’t feel far away.

But there’s certainly no fear of the sublime here, with tracks like ‘Worried About’ proving a soundtrack for breaking springtime sun, while the sombre ‘GD’ holds a sadness which overflows in the vein of James Vincent McMorrow, even with swelling, interlinking moments akin in small portions to the darkness of Slint.

Title track ‘Nothing Outstanding’ is steeped in atmosphere of post-rock proportions, leaving you a mere half way through the release with no idea where they could turn next.

Could they make good on their haunting ways and follow in the impact of On An On?

Until you pick up the album, enjoy a special live version of ‘GD’, here: